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About Normahs


Normah's was founded by Normah Abd Hamid. It is an authentic and  traditional Malaysian Restaurant. Normah's is situated inside the Queensway Market in between Queensway Station and Bayswater Station in the Heart of Queensway, London.

A chance to cook for the family during the weekend in between her tied schedule giving her to display her skills and passion for cooking. Preparing home cooked meals for her children as a way of reminding them of home and relatives. 

Normah's is very much Malaysian at heart. The aroma of rendang drift through the neighbour house intermingling with her curry laksa scent, her curious neighbour start popping up onto her background garden fence.

Eating as much as ritual gathering people together and sharing it with others, as it is a human need she welcome her neighbour into her house and kitchen with an open arm. They love the food and she is more happy to share her recipe. That's is when the idea of opening Normah's come into the picture.

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